Friday, June 17, 2005

We've Been Given a Timeline...

So, the resident came in this morning and pulled at least five inches (more like six, really) of packing from Anthony's wound. The plan is to pull the rest tomorrow and keep us one more night for observation. Anthony will come home Sunday on two antibiotics with an appointment to see the ENT here in two weeks.

There's not too much to report today other than that. Margaret spent the night last night with Anthony and me. Mark will come up today as soon as he gets off of work. He'll stay the rest of the weekend with us and hopefully we'll be home early enough Sunday to enjoy a bit of Father's Day at home!

Below is a picture of Anthony and me with our favorite nurse here at Children's, Ms. Becky. She was Anthony's nurse Monday through Thursday, and we were so lucky to get her! Thanks, Becky, for taking such good care of Anthony!!

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I'll update again on Sunday when we're home!!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony


Anonymous said...

So glad to see Anthony is getting better and the plans are to go home this weekend. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Lynn Slaughter
(Andre's Sister-in-Law)

Patsy from New Orleans said...

Laurie we have made it to Omaha for the CWS. Tulane begins play tomorrow morning. Today we drove by the Lied and the apartment. We also shopped at Target. It brought back memories. Is there anyone here I need to visit while I am here? The sky is blue and the sun is hot........but all is well so far.
We are thinking about you guys and hope and pray that all goes well with the discharge on Sunday. Call on my cell if you have a minute. Give Anthony a big kiss for us. We are so proud of him to continue to fight the illnesses that try to get his precious body down. He is such a fighter!!!!
Love, Patsy