Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Quiet Afternoon

It's a quiet afternoon here at work. I'm alone in the office this week as my boss is on a cruise and my coworker is in Bay St. Louis. It's usually nice to be alone for a while in the office. I can catch up on my filing and stuff. But I've got no filing to do! I'm sitting here begging the phone to ring so I'll have something to do! Ah...only two more days of this!

Anthony has been home from Day Care so far this week. I think he got a little stomach bug and shared it with Mark. Anthony and I spent the day with Mark's mom on Monday. Mark was home sick and I didn't want to expose Anthony any more than he already had been. Anthony spent Monday night, all day Tuesday, Tuesday night and all day today with my parents. I can't wait to see that little face this afternoon when Mama brings him to me! I miss him!

Anthony's ear infections are cleared up. There is still a little (not infected) fluid in his left ear, so I will bring him back to the pediatrician on June 3rd for a quick look. I really am hoping the fluid will have resolved itself by that point. Another ear infection means more antibiotics. And more antibiotics means more diarrhea. I can't take another turn of that so soon!

I'm hoping to take Anthony back to Day Care again tomorrow. He did manage to complete a full week last week, but that's the only one he's done in the four weeks there! I'm sure the director thinks Anthony's either a really sick child or that I'm making this up!

My dad's 60th birthday is Friday! He was really surprised to see (almost) all of his brothers and sisters in Atlanta this past weekend! We're having another gathering here on Sunday to celebrate again. Trust us Cajuns to extend the partying as long as possible!

Not much is happening in our little world. I'm holding out for July 4th! We'll go to my uncle's house in Heath, TX for an extended weekend visit. We love Dallas, and always enjoy visiting with my aunt and uncle. C'mon July!

Well, thanks for checking in on us.

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Friday: Paw Paw's birthday!
Saturday: Maybe a visit to Mark's grandmother in Thibodaux?
Sunday: Paw Paw's Birthday party!
Monday and beyond: Stay tuned!

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Colleen said...

I hope Anthony's ear infection clears up on its own. I remeber my oldest daughter used to get a lot of ear infections especially everytime a new tooth came in.