Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Looking Back One Year

One year ago today, we knew that we would be going home soon (or at least my mom and I were praying at least 23 hours a day that we would!). We took a walk every morning before the day got to be too warm (or windy!), then we would head back to the apartment for naptime. For lunch we usually drove down to Panera Bread (SO. GOOD.) and then went to one of the malls in town. Anthony took most of our "stir craziness" from the apartment in stride. He enjoyed the car rides because his Maw Maw was in the backseat to entertain him. He loved the walks we took in the morning. There were so many things to see and hear! We went to the zoo a few times, too! The "Night Crawlers" exhibit was wonderful...Anthony loved the dark coolness of that building and would take a short nap while Mama and I just wandered.

Sometimes I miss the time my mom and I spent like that. I loved being with her, walking and talking with her. We were a great team together, and we learned a lot about each other during the times she spent with us. I hope one day that I will have the relationship with my kids that I do with my mom (and dad!). Love you, Mom!

Here's a picture of Anthony on May 9th last year. I guess we had just done medicine time (meaning, putting the tube down his nose, pushing at least 8 syringes of medicine down the tube, one flush syringe, and then pulling the tube), and Anthony was exhausted (as he always was after that debacle). He was such a sweet little baby.

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Love, Laurie

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