Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Life is Never Boring with Anthony!

This morning I received a call from Anthony's Day Care center. It seems that Anthony was moving a little too quickly and fell. He busted his lower lip open (it's deeper than it is wide). I picked him up, thinking that we would take a quick trip to the pediatrician to make sure Anthony's teeth were fine (his mouth was what caught his fall, poor baby), and we'd be off for a restful afternoon. Well, in true Anthony fashion, nothing is ever that simple. After the pediatrician took a look, he called an oral surgeon. So at 1:00 Mark, Anthony and I met with another doctor. Four stitches later, we were home (about 3:30). Anthony got some of his nice Versed (oral sedation), a topical numbing cream and a shot of Novocain. He took serious exception to the Novocain shot, and fought the four stitches. Luckily the Versed had him just loopy enough that the surgeon had no trouble getting the stitches in and no damage was done to any of Mark's or my internal organs (this child can KICK, I tell you!).

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Also in true Anthony fashion, we had our happy baby back as soon as the needle was finished jabbing at his lip. On the way home he tried out his talking skills with his swollen lip and found it incredibly hilarious that he couldn't say "Beebee" (baby) too well...I'm assuming that was due in part to the Versed which makes him look (and act) like he's recently smoked an incredibly nice joint.

Mark went off to class, Anthony and I went off to my mom's (and then Lone Star to visit his Aunt Emilie) and now he's asleep.

The oral surgeon (on the advice of the transplant team in Omaha) prescribed a five-day pulse of Amoxicillin as a prophylactic measure against infection. Hopefully it will work!

Thanks for checking in....hopefully the next post will be one with less "excitement". Sorry for the garbled post; my nerves are a little shot today!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Wednesday-Friday: Back to Day Care
Saturday: Breakfast with Nana and Grandpa (and then spending the day with them, too!)
Sunday: To Paw Paw's family for Mother's Day Lunch

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