Monday, May 02, 2005

A Tale of Two Cheerios; or Mommy's Abandonment Issues

Well, this morning was Anthony's first time at Day Care. I was so afraid that he would have a fit when I tried to leave! When we got there, I sat him down on the floor with the other kiddos in his group and his teacher gave him a bowl full of Cheerios. At first he hesitated, but when I said "It's Cheerios!", he dove right in. A cute little blonde girl was sitting next to him and he offered her a Cheerio. When I stood up to leave, he waved "Bye bye" to me, and offered the girl another Cheerio. Now I'm the one feeling abandoned! Not only did he not care that I was leaving, it seems that another female has captured his attention. Hmph. :) I'm really glad that he didn't raise Holy Hell when I left.

Anthony also had labs this morning. He seemed to do (marginally) better with sitting up. He cried a bit, but once the needle was pulled out, he instantly calmed down. That's a lot better than the back-arching, tears streaming, wailing child I normally deal with when he's laying down for a blood draw. I think we'll keep the sitting up routine for now!

The weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday showed up rainy and nasty. So instead of yard work we painted. The kitchen area needed some touch ups, so my mom and I got to work. Then we realized that the kitchen is a different color from the rest of the house (yes, it was that subtle that we didn't notice). So Mark and I ran to Sherwin Williams to buy more of the "rest of the house color" paint. Anthony was pretty unhappy about being left out of the painting party, and voiced his opinion loudly.

Sunday showed itself to be a beautiful Spring day, so Mark and I redid the flower bed in the front of our house. Anthony helped us out by taking a two and a half hour nap (unheard of in our house) while Mark and I dug up the grass and laid out new dirt. It looks great...I'll post a picture when it's officially finished.

No post would be complete without an Anthony picture, so here you are! Mark got this Sunday morning (to send to Nana and Grandpa since they're gone the whole week in Las Vegas!).
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Well, thanks for stopping by!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Monday: Dinner with Maw Maw and Paw Paw
Tuesday-Thursday: Day Care!
Friday: Mommy and Daddy have the afternoon off!
Saturday: A fun day with Nana and Grandpa!

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Jennifer Pianalto said...

Great website!! I am glad that Anthony did so well in daycare, you should be so proud.

Jennifer Pianalto