Monday, November 14, 2011

Things to Remember

When Benjamin hears something that he doesn't understand, or doesn't WANT to understand, he says, "That don't make some sense!" and shakes his head in disbelief.

How tall Anthony is...never forget how TALL HE IS. The kid comes up to my arm pit! He's not even eight yet! (OK...six days away)...

Benjamin as he's falling asleep in bed, "Mom, I sure do love you."

Anthony laying in bed, with a Harry Potter book clutched to his chest, sound asleep because he got tired of waiting for me to finish with Benjamin's (long, drawn out) bedtime routine.

Benjamin saying over and over in the mornings, "I don't has school today?" and then begging to go to school an hour later.

Anthony in his jammer suit for swim practice: he looks like a stick person! All skinny arms and skinny legs and a big head. People must think we never feed this child.

Benjamin tells everyone, "It's OK if I play this here!" or "It's OK if I has this candy!" or "It's OK if you come wis me and play wis me!" He thinks that tagging on "It's OK" will make it true. Most of the time it does not make it true.

Anthony using logic. "Mom. You said I couldn't have my DSi for the weekend because of XYZ. But it's Monday now. So I'm just going to take my DSi back to my room now....", and he grabs it and runs.

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Thomas Gamble said...

You are lucky! You have a beautiful family!