Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pictures from the Race

My dad and I finished the race in 33:18! It's the fastest I've ever run three miles. I felt like I was on top of the world yesterday after the race - I could have moved mountains! Instead of actual mountains, though, I came home and moved mountains of homework...BORING!

Anthony and Benjamin both ran the entire 1/2 mile fun run/walk! Anthony was third past the finish line, with a time of 4:40. Benjamin took off and his grandmothers couldn't catch him, so another lady running the 1/2 mile ran with him. They crossed the finish line in 6:44.

My father-in-law, my dad and me before the race.

The walkers/runners.

Anthony crossing the finish line.

Benjamin crossing the finish line.

Anthony doubled back to finish the walk with his grandmothers.

My dad and me at the end of the race.

I love these boys so much!

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Andree said...

Congratulations on the race! Good Job!