Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Zoo Visit

Three years ago, on July 16 (2008), I took Anthony and Benjamin to the zoo. It amazes me that I was courageous enough to take a not-quite-month-old baby and his four year old brother to the zoo by myself. But we did it! I even managed to take some pictures...

Today I took the boys back to the zoo by myself...this time minus the stroller. Oh, and with TWO little boys who felt the need to tell me how hot it was outside. REALLY?? I TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE VERY, VERY HOT. But we did have a great time, and Benjamin was so excited to ride the train that it really made the sweating for two hours worth it.

I love how excited Anthony still gets over going to the zoo. He had so much fun reading his map and directing us (and letting Benjamin "help"). Benjamin only cared about the tigers and the train. So we had a lot of "When we go see train?" and "We go ride train NOW?" while we walked through the zoo. When we finally got to ride on the train, he was so excited but nervous, too. He kept his hand on my leg the entire time and made sure he was snuggled up right against me. Anthony, cool kid that he is, rode on the seat in front of us.

We are having a blast this summer!!

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