Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dear Benjamin,

Yesterday you turned three years old, and I still haven't figured out how that is possible. Weren't you a baby just three DAYS ago? Weren't you that roly poly little baby the doctor put in my arms just a minute ago?

And now you're sleeping in a big boy bed, sitting in a dining chair at the table, carrying your breakfast plate to the table in the den, riding a bike and swimming in the pool. It's insane how quickly you are growing up.

But, um...this potty thing? Yeah. I'm going to need you to figure that one out soon. I know you know what to do. You just see no reason to do it. Why should you, when you have a battalion of people at your beck and call, ready to change your diaper the minute it needs to be done?

This year has been an amazing one. And a tough one. As you have discovered more words and started stringing paragraphs together, you have also gotten more vocal. And by that I mean loud. Screeching if you don't get your way, screaming if someone dares touch the juice in the fridge before you, yelling when you think you've been slighted in any small way. But it's also been wonderful - you slip your little hand into mine, even for the walk from the bedroom to the kitchen. You smile every night as you drift off to sleep saying, "I love you, Mama." You play (mostly) well with Anthony, copying his every move. You run to the back door to see if Daddy's home from work yet, and when he finally comes you smile and jump up and down.

You love: your stuffed lion Leo, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, singing, bubbles, swimming, balls, eating, napping, snuggling, riding your bike, and birthdays.

I will never forget: "I want you, Mama" when you want to be picked up, you singing to Anthony at bedtime, sticky kisses after you've eaten a lollipop, the sweet baby smell you still have when you first wake up, the way you say certain words (framera for camera, Fri Fri for Kri Kri, mel-lade for lemonade, and so many others).

You are awesome, and I'll never let you forget it.

Love, Mama

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