Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great News

Anthony's transplant team called yesterday. Since he has been so stable for so long, we can move from getting his labs done every other month to getting them done every three months. This is a big step, and an exciting one!

This morning, though, Anthony comes to me and says, "Mom. I was getting labs six times a year and now I'm only going to be getting them four times a year, right?"

"Yes, Anthony. Isn't that GREAT?"



"Well, mom. That means that I get donuts TWO LESS TIMES a year before school!"

And, he's right! We only do donuts after his labs on our way to school. He is supposed to fast before his labs to make sure his glucose levels are normal, and that's pretty tough on him. This is the kid who is used to eating theverysecond he wakes up (around 6:30), and he has to wait until 7:45 to get his blood drawn (which means 8:00 before he eats). Grabbing a chocolate sprinkle donut on his way to school has always been his special treat for fasting and for being so good during the phlebotomy.

I'm pretty sure we can find a way to sneak in two extra donut mornings a year, though! But SHHHHH! Don't tell Anthony!

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