Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Amazing Adventures of Leo the Lion and his Little Boy, Ben

A friend gave me the idea that I should make a photo album for Benjamin with pictures of him and Leo. Here are just a few of the pictures I have on my iPhone from the past year. I have a million more taken with our various other cameras. This will definitely be a project I take on this summer!

Today, my little boy, Ben, and I begged for some blueberries. How can you refuse these two cute faces? Ha! Ben's mom didn't. She totally gave us some. SCORE!

Today my little boy, Ben, and I went to the Mall of Louisiana to ride on the Flying Horses. I'm so glad Ben didn't chose to ride on that white tiger behind us!

Tonight, my little boy, Ben, and I cooked dinner. It was delicious!

This morning, my little boy, Ben, and I are snuggling on the sofa watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sorry for sitting on your face, Mickey!

Tonight, my little boy, Ben, and I slept in a big-boy bed for the first time. I was a little scared, but Ben took care of me. I didn't even get lost in the sheets! He hugged me all night long. I slept really well.

Today, my little boy, Ben, and I went to the Baton Rouge Zoo. It was really neat to see all of the animals! We're really tired now, though, so we're going to take a nap.

Tonight, my little boy, Ben, and I were visiting with Maw Maw and Paw Paw. Ben and I thought it would be fun to climb through the grocery cart. We only got stuck once!

My little boy, Ben, sure is silly! He thinks these are his pajamas! He makes me laugh all the time.

You might not be able to see me, but my little boy, Ben, has me safely tucked away in the basket on the back of his bike. I love to go for rides, even if it is a little bumpy back here!

My little boy, Ben, and his big brother Nee-Nee got dressed up this morning. I think it's so cute how Ben dressed up like a lion so he could be like me!

My little boy, Ben, picked out his own clothes this morning! He loves red, but I think a nice tan is a good color.

After a full day of swimming, my little boy, Ben, and I weren't really tired, so Ben's mommy put on "Thomas the Train" for us to watch.

My little boy, Ben, decided he wanted to see how tall I am! I am TEN INCHES TALL! Wow!! I might have a little more to go to catch up with Ben, but I'm sure I'll get there!

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Stacy said...

Oh my goodness - that is so darn cute! I LOVE that idea - I think I could do the same thing with Prayer Bear for Morgan. We even have a picture of Prayer Bear in time out!

Hmmm...scrapbook or photo book...of course, I'm years behind on the scrapbooks, this wouldn't help.