Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things to Remember

Benjamin this evening enjoying a piece of "Ping Cake" (King Cake). "Dis GOOOOOD, Mama!"

Anthony fighting "Dark" Vader with his light "saver". He loves Star Wars, but hasn't got the first clue how to pronounce most of the words.

Benjamin singing his ABCs "ABCDEFG HIJK L MnM OP 2RX TUB WX YZ, now you, now you sing wiff ME!"

Anthony, suffering with a cold, is tired of me feeling his forehead to see if he has a fever. "I feel fine, so you can stop already!"

Benjamin, wanting to be picked up, says in his most pitiful voice, "I want you, Mommy."

Anthony, begging to hear a silly story about Benjamin. Because when you're laying in bed with Benjamin at night, you're bound to hear something silly.

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