Saturday, August 07, 2010

Things to Remember

1. Anthony: "Mom, I'm sure glad you got to spend this summer with me and Ben. This was awesome."

2. Benjamin: making sure both of my arms are wrapped around him when we rock at nap time and bed time. I check, just to make sure he's paying attention, but he always puts my arms back where they belong if I move them.

3. Anthony: At dinner tonight at Casa Maria cleaning his plate and then eating what's left of Benjamin's (about half of all: hard taco, rice, beans) and then asking what's next. We think he might be going through a growth phase.

4. Benjamin: "Fwimming" in the "pooooo" with his floaties. "Look-a me, Mommmmmeeee!"

5. Anthony: "I used to like dinosaurs, but now I like Phineas and Ferb. But I'm still a dinosaur expert. I'll always be a dinosaur expert. And I think I still like dinosaurs."

6. Benjamin: "Come pway twains!" and so we do. Trains, over and over again.

7. Anthony: at the beach this past weekend, we went to The Track. Anthony, Grandpa and I got in the bumper boats and soaked each other. Anthony thought that was just the coolest thing ever: getting to shoot Mom and Grandpa with a water gun.

8. Benjamin: at the beach, at The Track. Anthony and I rode in one go cart, Mark and Benjamin in another. At one point, Benjamin reached over and took Mark's hand and held on for dear life through the rest of the ride.

And now for some pictures from our trip to Orange Beach, AL:

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