Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School!

Anthony's first day of First Grade was yesterday. According to him, the day was "GREAT"! They had double recess, French, made bumblebee cupcakes, had butterfly candy, and did some science work. AND, he had no homework, "But you do, Mama! LOTS of it!" And so indeed did I have lots of homework. So many forms to fill out! So many volunteers needed! I hope, between driving to New Orleans every day for school, that I'll be able to do SOME volunteering!

Benjamin's first day back at day care is today. His drop off this morning didn't go very well, but that was to be expected. His beloved stuffed lion, Leo, got to go to school, and breakfast was already being served when he got there (he loves getting there just as breakfast is being laid out).

I cannot believe how much Anthony has grown in the last year. When he started Kindergarten, he was wearing a size 11 shoe (Toddler shoe sizes go through 13). Now he's wearing a Child's 2-1/2! He has grown over two inches since last September! His legs are so long and skinny, but he's seriously strong. I can't believe it's time for First Grade already. Where did my baby go?

Benjamin has grown a lot, too. He keeps outgrowing shoes the minute I buy them. And he's wearing size 3 shirts (still in 24 month shorts - the kid has no butt)! He told his Kri Kri last night, "I lub you!" It was seriously one of the sweetest things ever. I'm glad he's still "little", though. I'm not ready for BOTH of my babies to be big kids!

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