Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My younger sister, Emilie (Mimi to the boys), is getting married later this year. She has chosen to keep the wedding small, and I have been privileged to get to be a part of a lot of the planning (mostly by default of being one of two bridesmaids that lives in town, but I'm not complaining!).

This past Sunday our Aunt Darlene hostessed a bridal shower for Emilie. Aunt Darlene's home is simply beautiful and is perfect for holding parties. Plus, she knows how to put on a party! :) The food was delicious - spinach dip, crab dip, crawfish pasta, roasted pork for sandwiches, and pretty little petit fours.

We had a great time, and Emilie got some wonderful gifts!

Me with Emilie and our mom

Emilie with Aunt Darlene

Aunt Darlene, Emilie, me, Mom

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