Monday, July 05, 2010

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was spent mostly in the pool! For many of you who haven't seen our "new" (we moved in a year ago) house, you can see almost all of the backyard in these pictures. Yes, we even have a hill (good for rolling down, staging dinosaur battles, spying on the neighbors (a la Joe Abadie style), and running up and down). We had a blast yesterday in the pool. Anthony, Mark, and Uncle Matt did cannon balls to make waves and splash us, Benjamin rode Cecil the Sea Serpent (as did Laurie - just not as successfully as Benjamin), Mimi tried to hide from the splashers and gave it up for a bad job, Tucker the Dog splashed on the top step, Grandpa manfully sat while Benjamin dumped water over his head a million times, and Nana took videos of all the shenanigans. We were ALL exhausted!

We rounded out the day with a mini-fireworks display compliments of Mark and Anthony. Benjamin was not too excited about the noise from the fireworks, but he did enjoy the lights (with his head half buried in Teeta's shoulder).

Anthony loves it when Mark throws him. Mark gives him a good push, and Anthony jumps at the same time. The kid gets some air when they time it right!

And then Uncle Matt decided to throw Anthony into the pool from the side. Anthony declared this was fun, too. I'm thinking Uncle Matt might be sore today. :)

Uncle Matt seeing if he can get Mimi and Laurie with a good splash (and he did - multiple times!)

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