Friday, April 09, 2010

Things to Remember - Benjamin Edition

Benjamin's two funny faces: mouth wide open, eyes wide open, eyebrows all the way up; and his fake underbite.

That "Thank you" and "Bless you" sound exactly the same.

That when we're sitting together, he always takes my arms and wraps them around him just to make sure that I'm still there and not letting go.

When I'm singing him to sleep at night, he sings along. He's got most of the songs right, and he can actually hold a tune!

That he'll say "Ki Ki" (Kri Kri) a million times, but if she asks him to, he'll either say, "Noooo" or ask her "Dat?".

That MiMi's fiance is "Umpa Mite".

If you ask him where is Parrain (Uncle Marshall), he can point to him. When you ask him where Uncle Matt is, he can point to him, too. But if you point to Parrain and ask Benjamin what his (Parrain's) name is, he says, "MATT!"

When I turn right off of North Oak Hills Parkway onto Rue Crozat he will always say, "Nanny?" very hopefully, like if he says it sweetly enough, I'll cave and take him to see Nana instead of going somewhere else.

That if either grandfather is in the room, he wants nothing to do with anyone else; I love when they're both there because it's like his little head is going to explode from all the "grandfatherness" he's absorbing.

Books are a must before bedtime now. And it's specific books, and you have to sit in specific spots to read them.

That no matter what, NeeNee (Anthony) is the first person he asks for when I pick Benjamin up from school in the afternoons.

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