Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Six-Year Old is Smarter than Me (Ahem...than I Am)

Yesterday Anthony's conduct at school was poor. He pulled a White (warning) strip for talking, a Green strip for (more) talking, a Yellow strip for (more) talking and playing at naptime, and a Pink strip for throwing (he says dropping) sticks and leaves in a friend's hair on the playground.

I did the obligatory parent threat of "calling Santa" if his behavior didn't improve the next day. This was greeted with "NO!"s and "I promise I won't pull strips tomorrow!"s. A pouty lower lip might have also been employed.

Around midnight last night, Anthony woke up needing to go to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and got up to tuck him back into bed. He asked that I lay with him and I sank into his bed, half asleep.


"Grblastidt?" (read: "Yes, Anthony?")

"Why would you call Santa to tell him I hadn't been good at school? Shouldn't you call Jesus since He is what Christmas is all about?"

Man. We're in serious trouble with this kid, aren't we?


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! Keeping Christ in CHRISTmas I guess! That is too funny!
:o) Merry Christmas!

nana said...

great story about our precious Anthony, but you forgot to add that he DID get a stamp with NO strips on Thursday..... he made good on his promise to you !!!!!!!

may we all learn and remember the true meaning of Christmas from the mouth of our little ones....