Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pictures from the First Birthday Party

It was a great day; lots of swimming, cake and presents for Ben-Ben. He had a blast and is now zonked out in his bed. Anthony is sleeping on the couch and Mark is snoring next to me. As usual, I got the least amount of sleep last night and still cannot take a nap right now.

There is a lady who owns a bakery across the street from where my mom teaches and where my parents go to church. She makes THE. MOST. AMAZING. CAKES. So of course my mom ordered Ben's cake there. And in holding with the theme that he is my Monkey Boy, his cake was a monkey's face. This woman did an AWESOME job, and the cake was delicious, too!

Bear with me as there are many, many, many pictures of Ben eating his personal cake. I couldn't choose just one or two as my favorites!


groovie mom said...

I take it he liked the giraffe. : )

erika said...

So cute!! Hard to believe he is one!