Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Number One

Dear Benjamin,

One year ago today, you came into our lives and turned our world upside down. I never thought of our little family as incomplete, but bringing you into our family completed us all. Anthony now has someone to share with, play with, fight with, grow old with. I can't imagine not having my two sisters; I hope you'll one day feel the same way about Anthony.

It has amazed me how "easy" you are. As long as you are fed, watered, and mostly held life is grand. You love everyone, and know no strangers. You are fearless and sassy. Sweet and cuddly. You love to know "Uh zaaaaa"? and make your "Ehhhhh?" face at Mimi when she says, "No, no!". You can't get enough of Grandpa, even though a few months ago you were all about Nana. You and Maw Maw play with Ta and you make these weird grunting noises like you're barking. You light up like a light when Daddy walks through the door in the evening, but I better not turn you over to him. You are a Mama's boy, and I like it that way (mostly).

I can't compare your first year with Anthony's, but I can't wait to see what year two holds. As Anthony's health improved in his second year (understatement!), he slowly caught up to his appropriate age. I can't wait to see how you "measure up". But don't worry, Monkey, I'm not really comparing you. You are your own little man and I won't forget that. You've already shown what a great and different personality you have brought into our family, and I cherish you.

Stay sweet and curious, Monkey, and you'll go far.

Love, Mama

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