Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pictures Post

First, and most importantly, Ben has his first tooth! His bottom (right) middle incisor is just barely out. You can hardly see it, but you can definitely feel it! He's been drooling buckets for the past few weeks, so it's about time something comes out for all that work! Just like his brother, Ben isn't any more grumpy or "complainy" about this tooth-cutting business, either.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days! Enjoy!

All these toys on the exersaucer, and what does Ben play with? The TAG!

We have been having fun with The Elf on the Shelf. Anthony has named our elf Edward. Edward leaves our house every night to report to Santa on Anthony's behavior for the day. And each time he returns, he moves to another space. Except, of course, when he doesn't move overnight because CLEARLY Anthony was so good that day that Edward didn't need to go to Santa. Can you find Edward?

Anthony thinks it's hilarious to put these soft stacking blocks on Ben's head. Even funnier is that I have a picture of Anthony with this same block on his head when he was at Children's Hospital four years ago! See below.

Anthony and Ben snuggled on the sofa the other morning to watch PBS Kids morning cartoons. Ben was less interested in the shows and more interested in BIG BROTHER. Anthony, of course, realizes how much Ben loves him and will do anything to entertain him.

Here's the picture of Anthony from four years ago; he was about one year old and at Children's for suspected rejection. See how PALE he was? And, um, how eerily he and Ben look alike? Sheesh! The one big difference I notice is that Ben's cheeks are fat. Anthony's are steroid cheeks.


Renee said...

They're both really cute Block heads!

Kela said...

Where'd you get your Elf on the Shelf? Ours (Alvin) joined the family last year. The authors are from here tho so it's a big deal around here. It never occurred to me that some days Alvin doesn't move b/c he doesn't HAVE to. We always figured he feel asleep and forgot to make his nightly trip to the pole. Usually when that happens he moves later in the day while we're away from home.