Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger

I love this blog - really I do. You wouldn't know it from the lack of posts recently, though! I keep thinking of things I want to blog, but when I get to it, I don't have the things (pictures) I need to make the post happen.

Anthony and Ben on Santa's lap.

Ben putting things in his mouth that shouldn't be choking hazards but for him seem to be (this kid has the BIGGEST mouth; I swear, his jaw unhinges or something) (by the way, thanks for that trait Paw Paw).

Anthony's letter to Santa Claus. Mostly dictated to me, but he wrote the five things (!!) I allowed him to write down. Me: You can write down five things on your list for Santa, Anthony. Anthong: Five! That's a LOT, Mommy, thanks!! Me: Uh, yeah.

But right now, I want to talk about my five year-old who is sassy as anything. He will talk back, yell at you, ignore you, tell you he doesn't want to listen to's driving me NUTS. I don't know how to handle it! (Cue my mother laughing evilly because this? This was ME as a child, so I'm told. I only remember being an angel at all times. Cough, cough.). It's really becoming a problem, especially now that it's extending to school and he's talking to his classmates like this. The other day at school, he ignored one of his teachers calling to him because he knew he'd done something wrong and decided that if he just didn't go to her, then nothing would happen. Instead, he fell off the discipline chart and had to miss recess. Cue punishment at home. Cue Anthony not caring.

I don't know how to get through to him that this is unacceptable. At home when he is rude, he gets sent to time-out for five minutes, or however long it takes him to come down from his screaming and crying fit. I have tried to be a "compassionate" disciplinarian (like all the parenting magazines tell you to be), I have tried talking to him about "alternative choices" to using ugly language (seriously? this crap actually works on kids?), and I have tried spanking (no hating on me for this, please, I'm at the end of my rope). Nothing works. Spanking only makes me feel like crap afterward, and I find myself wanting to apologize to him. The talking through it doesn't work because he's simply not listening to me. do I help him through this stage without killing myself first?

Up next: cheerful post! Pictures (I promise), and soon!


Reyne Beatmann said...

I found that consistency is the best disciple tool. EVERYTIME Anthony does the behavior you don’t approve of, you have to intervene. Then eventually you only have to give him "the eye" and he knows he needs to change his behavior. You and Mark have to agree to be consistent. That's the best advice I can give.

Laurie Johansen said...


Anthony sounds like Ashley. Even with consistency, discipling her is difficult. My husband and I have prided ourselves on our consistent discipline with our kids. However, consistency went out the window with Ashley because she is just so stubbon; nothing works. I wish I could help you but I am having the same problem in my home but mine is with my 10 year old.

Kela said...

Are you sure you didn't mean to type JEREMY instead of ANTHONY. We've had quite a day - actually quite a 7 years. I am VERY consistent, but that doesn't seem to bother him. I was just having a discussion with Chuck about this - seriously about 20 minutes ago - and he thinks it all comes down to the Chiasson stubborness. Sounds like Anthony has inherited that lovely trait too. I spanked Jeremy ONE time. He was about 2 and I was at my wits end. It took all the courage I had to do it and try to make it hurt enough to actually make an impact. When I finished he sat up, gave an evil laugh and said, "Do it again Mommy! Do it again!" So much for THAT discipline technique...

Furlongs said...

I heard they're having casting calls for super nanny in BR?!
...just sayin'