Monday, December 08, 2008

It's Not a Tumor

Well, actually, it is...

With permission from my mom, here's a little story for you:

Last Tuesday (just before Thanksgiving), my mom went to see an ophthalmologist because she was losing her peripheral vision. After doing his tests, the ophthalmologist let my mom know that her vision loss wasn't an optic cause - it was caused by something in her brain. She went from there to a neurologist and from there to an MRI. She got the results the same day - a 2 INCH pituitary tumor; most likely a null cell pituitary adenoma.

In the next week she saw a neurosurgeon, an ENT, and an endocrinologist. Thank God for Thanksgiving week - none of us had much time to worry about it all.

This brings us to this past Thursday - surgery day. And the one thing I can say about that day is that my mom on Versed is awesome. She went into the surgical suite laughing and making us all laugh with her.

She spent a couple of days on the Medical-Surgical Critical Care unit, and two nights on the neurology floor. She was discharged home tonight - and I know she's relieved, as we all are. The neurosurgeon was impressed that she didn't need a prescription for pain medication, and told her that she is a "princess". (My dad LOVED that one...hahahaha).

I'm so proud of my mom. I'm so glad she's OK.

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Amygdala said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad she's okay. I moved back to LA! Hope to see you soon. :)