Sunday, November 23, 2008

Five Months

Five Months Old
Height: 27 inches
Weight: 18 pounds 11.5 ounces

Pediatrician comments: Another set of ear infections! This one complete with a "bulging blister" on the left ear drum. Yikes!


Jenn said...


What a cute little chunky guy! I love it! Reminds me so much of how Riley (my now 9-yr-old) looked as a baby. At 6 mo. she weighed just under 20 lbs. I loved those rolls!

MiMi said...

forget the baby...who is that hot chick holding him?! oh...that's me! kidding!

Anonymous said...

What a very handsome boy! Wouls like to hold him and squeeze him.
Love, Great Grandma Betty

Shannon H. said...

I hope his ear is better! Sounds very painful.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Shannon, Frank and the kids

Suzanne said...

Laurie - I looked you up b/c I saw a story about a local child who needed a liver transplant. I immediately thought of Anthony! I am so glad to see that he is doing so well - and congrats on your new addition!

I'd love to hear from you - you can find me on facebook or suzie.altpeter@yahoo

Warmest regards,
Suzie (used to be Suzie Baker, TD's wife)

Lisa and aiden said...

he is sooo adorable!