Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

We had a great weekend - we were in Houston visiting Parrain (Uncle Marshall - Mark's brother). First though, Anthony had his last swim lesson and Maw Maw, Nana and I got to go watch.

Anthony learned how to float:

And do "Superman Arms":

They also jumped from a swimmer's mark, swam back and forth about 3 feet from their instructor to the edge of the pool, kicked (K.I.C.K.E.D. - with LOTS of splashing), and blew bubbles.

We left Thursday afternoon for Houston and returned Monday.

Friday, we went to Splash Town, a water park.

Ben got to dip his toes; and that was the extent of his time in the sun. The rest of the time he stayed in the shade with Nana and/or Grandpa.

I'm sure you can guess that Anthony had the time of his life. He got to ride one "big kid" slide with Parrain and me. Then we either played in Kiddie Land, the Lazy River or the Wave Pool. We wore his little butt out!

Saturday we went to the zoo (it was HOT!), and then to dinner that night.

We lazed around on Sunday, just relaxing. Mark, Anthony, Benjamin and I enjoyed dinner with my Uncle Matt and cousin Grace. Grace just turned 7 and is going to start second grade this year. She is truly one of the most beautiful children I know; she is gorgeous and played so sweetly with Anthony. I imagine it's not too much fun to be 7 and asked to color with a four-year old who thinks that he should be able to dictate what colors you use.

Ben was a great traveler; he only fussed in his car seat when he was hungry. If he was awake and riding he just cooed and made little baby noises. This weekend he began to smile a lot, and in response to people (mostly Mommy and Nana). If you tickle his cheek a little he'll usually respond with a big smile.

Anthony starts school on Thursday! AUGH! His uniforms are all clean, ironed and ready to go. Of course I'll take a picture (or 50) and blog! He starts Thursday but then doesn't go back until Tuesday. The Pre-K classes are being divided into thirds to help the kids get accustomed to the routine.

This weekend is the Balloon Festival. Anthony has loved going in the past; I'm sure he'll enjoy it just as much this go round. Pictures of that to follow, too!


Renee said...

Cute swimming pictures! John starts school Monday and I'm a nervous wreck!

Kela said...

We're heading to BR this weekend. I'm really hoping to make it to the Balloon Festival Sunday morning. Maybe we'll catch y'all there.

Lacey said...

Why, dear sweet Laurie, do you appear to be hiding behind your children in all of these pictures? Hmm??? Hope Anthony has a good first day of school. Kyler starts second grade this week!