Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A few weeks ago, I received a box in the mail from one of my mother's cousins, Reyne. When I opened the box, there was another, beautiful box inside. I thought that it was this gorgeous little hand-made box to keep keepsakes inside. Then I pulled off the lid, and the box fell apart! I almost had a heart attack! Then I realized that it was SUPPOSED to fall apart. She had made a photo box for me!

Everyone I have shown it to has loved it. And my friends who are scrapbookers are already working on their own!

Thank you, Reyne, for such a beautiful keepsake for Ben (and me!). I will treasure this forever.
Anthony has had swimming lessons this week and last. Tomorrow is his last lesson, and parents can watch this one and take pictures. Rest assured that I'll have a few to share!

This week, to keep busy in the morning before swimming lessons, Anthony and I have painted ceramic dinosaurs. He thinks this is incredibly fun, and wants to make a collection. I hope he understands there were only six in the box! And that they look more like dragons than dinosaurs...but what do I know? :)

Anthony is enamored with holding Ben. He asks to hold him a million times a day. Of course, it lasts about 20 seconds before he's off and ready for the next thing.

There's not too much happening in our little world. Ben is waking twice a night, and eating well. He weighed 11 pounds this morning on our baby scale, so I know he's eating well and gaining! His legs are rounding out, and getting ONE whole wrinkle. They're very nibbly little thighs - I take a nibble at least once a day!

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mia and tristans mommy said...

Loving the gift from your cousin. It's wonderful! Great to see that everything is good over there to and that ben and anthony are doing great! Missing ya'll over here. Can't wait to get together for a visit soon.