Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jaundice Update

UPDATE: 6/27/08
Ben's bilirubin dropped again today; total bili is down to 14.2 mg/dL and his indirect bili is 13.8 mg/dL. We've avoided a hospital admission for phototherapy by the skin of our teeth! We'll do some home "phototherapy" by laying Ben in some morning sun filtered through a window to help get the bilirubin down some more. This will most likely resolve itself! Yay!


Ben's bilirubin level dropped from 15.9 mg/dL to 14.8 mg/dL! The pediatrician is pleased, but wants another bili level done tomorrow just to make sure we're still trending downward. He doesn't want us going into the weekend without making sure that the bilirubin is being eliminated.

Can I just say that I LOVE our pediatrician? He's such a caring person; and he personally called me to talk to me about Ben's jaundice and bilirubin. He wanted to make sure that I was OK. He's just a wonderful man; I hope he understands that he's not allowed to retire until Ben is ready to switch to an internist! :)

Check in tomorrow; I'll update again with the latest news.

And in other news, Anthony saw the "Go, Diego, Go" live show yesterday with his Nana and Grandpa. He can't stop talking about how much fun he had, and how cool Diego is!

George went, too, but I told Anthony that he had to stay in Nana's purse so he wouldn't get lost.

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