Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Grandmothers

Benjamin has had the privilege to meet two of his three living great grandmothers so far. My mom's mom lives with my parents, so she gets plenty of snuggle time; my dad's mom lives an hour away, but we see her as often as we can. She and my aunt drove in on Saturday to meet Ben and see the rest of the family.

Grammy (dad's mom) and Ben

Maw Maw Peck (mom's mom) and Ben

Mark's dad's mom is still living, and I know we'll take Ben to meet her as soon as we can. Anthony got to "meet" Mark's mom's mom, but unfortunately she passed away soon after Anthony received his liver transplant. But I know she was in Heaven before Ben was born, telling him about all of the people here on Earth waiting to love him.

Speaking of Anthony, and his transplant...

Ben is 10 days old today. By this time, Anthony had already had a surgery and multiple procedures and been discharged from the NICU to home. I look at Ben, so little and sweet, and can't imagine how I ever managed to hand over my tiny little Anthony to the surgeon. I'm so thankful for all of the wonderful physicians Anthony's had for his care; but I am struck all over again by how much he went through as a baby.

Today is my first day at home with Benjamin and Anthony by myself. Mark returned to work this morning, and I'm already missing him! The three of us are snuggled up in our bed together, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think we'll take a walk later, and if the weather stays nice, I'll probably fill up Anthony's pool. Lots of activities to fill up the day!

I'm sure I'll have more pics later...


Andree said...

We are back from vacation- Benjamin was the big news when we arrived. Congratulations to all - he is absolutely gorgeous and perfect. God is great! Love to all.

Just Me said...

Keep posting cute! (and REALLY neat to have great-grandmothers!)

Take care,