Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things to Remember

Anthony's newest catch phrase: "You MAY...", as in: "You MAY play with me." or, my favorite, "Maw Maw, you MAY feed me."

That nibbles of Anthony's neck are simultaneously his most favorite ritual of the night, and his most feared. You just NEVER KNOW when Mommy is going to strike!

Coloring before bedtime is now part of the bedtime routine. It must NOT be skipped.

How Anthony asks me every night, "And how was YOUR day, Mommy"...and I can't make up silly things; I have to answer him honestly and seriously or he gets royally pissed at me.

How George is still his favorite night time buddy to snuggle with, even with all the Lightning McQueen stuff he's got.

That I have to include George in the song about who loves Anthony at bedtime.

How he calls each classmate by their first AND last name.

That another new night time ritual is to kiss noses, cheeks, foreheads, elbows and arms. Not necessarily in that order, thankyouverymuch.

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