Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tagged for a Me-Me

Lacey at Amygdala Thoughts tagged me for a me-me post. I'm to post 6 random things about myself, and then tag three others to play along. I rarely do these, but I love Lacey LOTS AND LOTS, so I'll play for her. :)

1. I hate to shop. Clothes shopping, unless I am absolutely in the mood, is not my idea of a fun time. PLEASE don't make me go grocery shopping. That's torture at it's worst. I love nice clothes, I love having food in my house...but PLEASE don't make me be the one to shop for it. If I could afford those home grocery delivery deals, I would so do it.

2. My cat annoys the crap out of me. She really doesn't do much but eat, sleep and poop...but she annoys me. She doesn't like to snuggle or be pet, and that's what cats are SUPPOSED to do, right?

3. I am a pack rat. I hate clutter, and I hate saving useless things, but I am a pack rat. Two or three times a year I go through our computer/spare room, and I throw away at least two trash bags full of junk...old papers, pieces of wrapping paper that are too small to do anything with, scraps of paper with nonsensical words written on them. WHY can't I just throw that junk away to start with? I dread going into my attic to clean that out when we move. I'll just bet there's crap up there that I had no reason to save. Case in point: I saved an entire bag of Mardi Gras beads from last year. WHY? No clue; but my brother-in-law's friend needs them now, and I'm more than glad to get rid of them.

4. I'm not always a good mom. There are times when I just want to be left completely alone and do what I want to do for a while. Sometimes hearing the word, "Mama?" makes me think of fingernails on a chalk board. When the grandparents take him for a day/weekend, it's almost like I'm FREE. But in the end, all I want is to sit down and color. I think the little breaks I DO get make me a better mom.

5. There are times I cannot believe I'm pushing 30. I don't feel grown up all the time. When I'm home cooking dinner, I sometimes think, "Is this really me? Am I really a wife, mother, homeowner?" It's astounding that I'm a "big girl" now.

6. This pregnancy has sucked. I can't wait to meet the munchkin, but I'm more anxious for the uncomfortable-ness of pregnancy to leave me. Lots of barfing, lots of sleepiness, lots of indigestion, and some uncomfortable feelings in my back. It wasn't this bad with Anthony, and I am NOT a good patient with this kind of stuff. I hate pain, and anything to do with vomit. And to think, I only have six more months!

OK. Time to tag three folks. Don't feel pressured to play, you're just the first three people I came up with!

1. Stacy
2. Lisa
3. Sam


Lacey said...

Haha...sorry to tag you! I hate doing things like that too but would've felt bad if I didn't since somebody "tagged" me. And like you told your were just one of the first people that came to mind! Love you

fairenuff said...

Oh Laurie,
I felt so special, so so special, honoured, loved and cherished... then I read that I was just one of the people you came up with. I have cried absolute buckets and composed myself again so I am now off to do the tag for you....

Hee hee
Love (kiss Anthony on his elbow for me please!)