Friday, January 04, 2008

Burning Question

It seems like the indigestion portion of pregnancy has settled in on me with a vengeance. I have been chewing TUMS EX 750 (Assorted Berry Flavor) for days now. Being the anal sort of person I am, I only will chew them if they're the same flavor. Somehow, when I shake the bottle two TUMS fall out, perfectly matched. How does THAT happen?

Morning sickness seems to be easing off; still taking the Zofran.

Is July here yet?


Lacey said...

Wow...will you shake my TUMS bottle? Miss you much! And *note* I should be sleeping b/c I have class in the morning but I love you soo much that I commenting on your blog instead. Feel special? Hehe. Tell Mark I need lots of food cooked and froze and sent to Daphne, AL. Thanks! =) Love ya

Aimee P. said...

It drove Richard nuts that I had to have matching Tums. I ate those like candy all through out my pregnancy.

Andree said...

Indigestion? Watch and see that your new baby will have lots of hair at birth!