Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh. My. God.

This might be a little long, because there are a few things to catch up on!

1. Anthony is in Georgia with my in-laws visiting Matt, my brother-in-law. He is having so much fun that he can hardly spare two seconds to speak to us on the phone when we call. He is going to go into shock Tuesday when it's back to school, and back to regular life.

2. Mark and I took advantage of Anthony being out of town and test drove cars yesterday. And bought one. YES! I have a new car! It's a 2008 Saturn Vue, and it's just so gorgeous. I'm DYING to go drive it right now. We were totally not even going to buy a new car until after the new year, but it was a great offer, and we got the monthly note we can afford right now. I'll put up pictures later

3. I only have 6 weeks left to school, and it's flying by! I have a graduation meeting tomorrow, so this is all finally becoming REAL.

4. Anthony got to go to a fair last weekend, and we have some cute pictures from that, but I can't find the cord that attaches my camera to the computer. I'm looking, I promise.

5. Anthony will be FOUR in a month. F. O. U. R. He is growing up so fast!

6. Another thing we've done while Anthony is gone is clean up the house. His old toys that he no longer plays with will go up to the attic to wait for child #2 (whenever that happens). I had so many pairs of shoes that I never wear anymore that are gone. I took three trash bags full of my clothes and Mark's clothes to a Salvation Army drop box. And I think we've thrown out about 5 bags of junk and trash already. It's Fall cleaning time around here, and we're dusty.


mia's mommy said...

yeah!! on the new car. I know you've been wanting one forever. I can't wait to see it. Can't wait for the birthday party either. I'm so excited we'll get to go now! miss you sooo much.

Renee said...

Hey - I have 3 Saturn Vues and I loved them all! Wrecked 2 of them though.
And great on the cleaning; that's something I need to do.