Saturday, October 13, 2007

Killer Dog

Last night we were outside playing at my parents' house when a kitty cat pranced into the yard. She's obviously very friendly, and loved to rub on Anthony's legs while he pet her.

My grandmother has a miniature Schnauzer named Ta. She's a cute but very high-strung dog...and sometimes doesn't act light the brightest bulb in the box.

When the cat noticed the dog in her fenced-in area, she wandered over to investigate. She put her nose right up to the fence, and peeked in. I expected Ta to go nuts. I mean, hello? Cat? Dog? Territory? Anyone? Well, Ta just quivered in her cage.

It's no secret that my dad's not a fan of cats...especially when they decide to make his backyard their home. So he got up, put the leash on Ta, and let her out of her area. We all assumed this would work to scare the cat out of the yard.

Ta got close to the cat and said, "Bark, bark, bark!" But it was almost terrified sounding, rather than TERRIFYING sounding. The cat hissed once, took a swipe at Ta, and that was it.

All this time, Anthony was standing near my dad and growling like a dog. I think the cat was probably more frightened of the formerly friendly human.

I think the cat is here to stay, Dad. Sorry. Next time, get Maw Maw a Doberman.


Reyne said...

you tell such a good story. Even though I hardly ever leave comments, know that I read them.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I had to leave a comment with that "I love comments" note! Glad to hear you are all doing well. Good luck with your last few weeks of school!

Sarah said...


That's funny! I love wussy dogs!