Friday, September 28, 2007


We took Anthony to his pediatrician this afternoon. He has had a productive cough for four weeks, and the medicine he got last week wasn't working.

The pediatrician had an x-ray done of Anthony's lungs on the off chance that he might have pneumonia. Guess what? Anthony has pneumonia! Thankfully, he was already on Omnicef which protects against the "big nasty" pneumonia Pneumococcal pneumonia. The pedi feels that this is a "simple" case of a Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection. He's now on Azithromax (and off the Omnicef) to combat the pneumonia.

Anthony's left ear is still infected, but the right ear has cleared up. Poor kid isn't doing so great health-wise, but his is still shining through. He's a little more snuggly and clingy, especially when he's tired, but he's otherwise his normal self.

We're going to stay holed up inside for the next few days so that Anthony can fight this infection. Please say a prayer that this is quickly and easily handled!

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Lacey said...

Hope Anthony gets better soon! Thanks for coming to the shower today. Love you!