Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just Figuring This Out

I am no good at being sick. I can't just accept that I am sick and move on with life. No. I have to whine and complain and moan and bitch about just how terrible it is that I am sick. Yup. Sore throat, nasty'd think that I was being beaten or something.

Because I didn't get better with the antibiotics, the doctor is suggesting this might be viral. Possibly mononucleosis. And all my transplant friends gasp in horror. Yes: THAT mono. Epstein Barr Virus: EBV. Those three letters will strike fear in the hearts of all transplant parents world-wide. I'm not interested in going into the details right now; just trust me that we don't want Anthony to sero-convert to EBV! I had lab work done on Friday (late) and will probably know Monday the results of those tests.

But honestly? I don't think I have mono. I think it's bacterial strep and the wimpy antibiotics I took last week just didn't take care of it. I'm going to see how I feel on Monday, and will probably schedule an appointment with my regular internist. I haven't been able to see him the last two times, so I've seen an associate. I feel like my own internist knows me and my body better, and that he would have a better handle on what's going on.

Since I was feeling so poorly Friday after the doctor's appointment, Anthony's Nana and Grandpa kept Anthony for the night. Mark picked Anthony up today and brought him to my parents' house to spend the night. Mark will pick Anthony up tomorrow, and depending on how I feel tomorrow, I may finally get to see Anthony.


In other news, the end of school is near for me! I have nine weeks left to my clinical rotations, and then an exit exam to take. Once all that's done, I'll GRADUATE! And then take the NACCLS or ASCP certification exam (I don't remember which one is more accepted here in Louisiana). Then I can start January.

I've got my resume together, and will send it out to a few different places including the hospital where I am currently doing my clinical rotations.

It's hard to believe that it's been barely two years since I re-started college. I'm so excited that I'm almost done!! And, of course, I'm contemplating more school...but I want to work for a couple of years first. I think I could use a break from studying! :)


Renee said...

Sorry about the sickness, Laurie. I hope you're feeling better and able to see your boy now. And congrats with school; I know you're so glad it's almost over!

Jennifer Pianalto said...

Congratulations Laurie on a job well done! I know its been a lot of work--you should be so proud of yourself. Keep me posted on the job outlook and I will keep my fingers crossed. I hope you feel better soon.

Give Anthony a BIG kiss from me and the girls.

Jennifer, Aly ,and Madi

Reyne said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling good. Keep your eye on the prize and before you know it you will be making money instead of just spending it.

mia's mommy said...

I hope your feeling better today. I can't believe school is almost over!! I am so proud of you!! Who knew you were so smart. hahaha :)

Lacey said...

Can Laurie come out and play yet?? Hope you're feeling better...

Sarah said...

Sorry your sick Laurie!

Good luck on the exam!