Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Trying to Keep Up, Part Three

Mommy, look at all the birds in Mr. Steven and Mrs. Ryan's driveway! That's a lot of birds! I like birds, Mommy.

Mommy, birds talk. Humans talk...the adults and the children, but not babies. Birds DO talk. They talk like 'Tweet tweet!' That's their talk. I can't understand it, but they talk.

Mommy, who ever heard of a red bird? I've heard of a red bird. Mickey Mouse and Goofy help Baby Red Bird find his mommy. They do.

Look, Mommy! It's a truck like Mack! But that one's blue. Mack is red. He puts Lightning McQueen in the back, and brings him to the Big Race!

Lightning McQueen is red. And Mack is red! And firetrucks! Firetrucks are red, Mommy! Mommy, what else is red? The McDonald's sign is red, Mommy! Look! French fries.

I like French fries. Mommy, what are we having for dinner? I would like to have pancakes. Do you like to have pancakes, Mommy? I think that is what we should have for dinner. Breakfast at dinner! That's silly. What are we having for dinner?

Turn left, Mommy! That's how you get to my school. You have to turn left. Ooooh! The light is red, Mommy! You have to stop and wait for the light to turn green. Are you going to stop, Mommy? You stopped, Mommy! Good job!

Mommy, what is that noise? Is that your blinker? Is that what makes us turn left, Mommy?

Wheee! Turn right, now Mommy! You got's to turn right to get to my school, now! Bump! Up the bump into the parking lot!

I'm going to win, Mommy! You can't run as fast as me! I'm going to....I won! I beat you, Mommy! My Elmo shoes are FAST. But not as fast as my Lightning McQueen shoes. Maw Maw can't catch me when I wear my Lightning McQueen shoes.

Look, Mommy! They moved my cubby! I get to be the FIRST cubby now. There you go, George. I'll see you at naptime!

Breakfast! Mommy, they're serving breakfast! I'm hungry.

BYE, Mommy!


Renee said...

Something tells me your boy isn't quiet.

Lacey said...

Ha, That's funny! Are you and Mark going to Brittani's engagement party? Let's meet at your house if so! Muah!

Anonymous said...

What a chatter box! He's sure to be a lawyer! Love, Gram

Anonymous said...

I am patiently waiting for Part IV.

Love, Gram

fairenuff said...

You just gotta LOVE Anthony!

He's growing up SO fast, we need an up to date photograph, please!

Lots of love and hugs
ps, did you get our recent post? After I posted it I realised that I couldnt remember writing your name on the envelope! Doh! (It's a brain cell - lack of - thing!)