Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying to Keep Up

In the car on the way to day care this morning:

Mommy, humans talk. Other animals don't, but humans do. But some animals talk, but not a lot. Just some. The small ones talk, the big ones talk, the tall ones talk. A lot of the animals talk. Do all animals talk? How many animals tal....

Oh! An "M"! A biiiiiiiiig yellow "M"! I think that means French fries. I like French fries, Mommy. Do you like French fries? And cheeseburgers. I love cheeseburgers. Do you like chee...

Mommy, does Nana have gummies? I like gummies. Can you bring a bag of my gummies to Nana's?

Who's picking me up today? Is Nana? You have to work, Mommy. I think Nana should pick me up. Can you bring her some gummies? I like gummies.

Mommy, do fish have teeth? I think fish have teeth. They need to chew their food like big boys! Are there girl fish, Mommy? Where are the girl fish? Is Betsy a girl fish? I like fish.

I ate fish last night for dinner! I ate the fish from the restaurant on Sunday. And my potato. With cheese! And butter! But I didn't eat the brown stuff (skin of potato). I don't like the brown stuff. But I like the potato! Do you like potatoes, Mommy?

I'm bringing George to school today, Mommy. Suzy likes George. Everyone likes Suzy. She's nice. But she's my girlfriend. I wonder if Ms. Katie will be at school today. Mommy, is Ms. Katie going to be at school? I like Ms. Pat, Mommy. Do you like Ms. Pat?

(Car pulls in to parking lot, Anthony gets out, slams door)...

I'm going to beat you to the door! Oh! A bug! Do you see the bug, Mommy? I'm going to win! I'm going to win! I'm going to....I WON! I beat you to the door, Mommy! Did you see the bug?

Hi, Ms. Pat! Bye, Mommy!

I tried, really tried, to get all of that straight. Just so you'll know, it's about a three minute ride to his school, if you hit all the lights green (which I did), and most of this was said with barely a breath in between each little train of thought. I couldn't have answered a single one of his questions, even if I had wanted to, because he never paused long enough for me to get a word in edgewise.

I'm exhausted! I need a nap! Or, at least some coffee!


Renee said...

How cute. He cracks me up. I like the big yellow M comment the best!

~Lacey~ said...

Thats funny!

Emilie said...

Sounds just like his mom! NEVER SHUTS UP! :o)