Sunday, June 17, 2007

Question and Answer

Anthony, what makes you love Daddy?

"Because he likes to play with me and because he loves me."

Tell me about Daddy. What is a Daddy?

"He is a adult. He's a boy. He goes to his work so he can make some money. And he spanks, sometimes. But that's OK 'cause he loves me. And he reads books to me at night, and doesn't let the Nibbly Bugs bite me. And he gives me Pop Tarts and brings me to school."

What about Grandpa?

"He goes to Michigan. He always plays with me. He finds things. Like the raccoon!"

OK. Tell me about Paw Paw.

"Paw Paw goes to work. And he has a new bathtub. He hides the cups for me! And he comes to my house to swim."

Anything else about Daddy?

"He gived me his liver 'cause mine was sick."

There you have it folks. Question and Answer about the three most important men in Anthony's life.

Happy Father's Day!

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