Saturday, May 26, 2007

Patsy's Pool

Anthony, Mark, Maw Maw Peck and I had the pleasure of attending a cousin's high school graduation party today at Patsy and David's house. Some may remember that Patsy is my mom's cousin who spent time with me in Omaha when Anthony was sick. She and her husband, David, recently moved into their new home (their old one having been lost in Hurricane Katrina), and there is a gorgeous pool in the back yard. Anthony had the time of his life swimming and sliding down the slide.

Enjoy the pictures!

So, yeah. The water was a little, um, COLD when you first got in.
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We got used to the water quickly, though!
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Here I come!!
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Gotta love my face! And, he didn't need me there at all! I can't count the number of times he went up after that first ride; he didn't WANT me at the bottom!
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A shot to show you how pretty the pool is!
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After all that swimming , Anthony zonked out on the way home!
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Thanks to Patsy and David for letting us come swim! And for the invitation (that will certainly be used) to come often this summer to swim!


Anonymous said...

Looka like a lot of fun! Does Patsy live in Baton Rouge? Be careful of water in Anthony's ears. Gram has spoken!

Laurie said...


Patsy lives in Metairie, now. She and David live just a street or two from her father-in-law, and very close to her mom, too!

Our pediatrician told us that Anthony's ear tubes are out, and that we don't have to worry about water in the ears. I still check, though, and keep a close eye on him. Thanks for the advice!!

Just me said...

I meant to comment sooner, but better late than not at all, right! I wanted to say that I am SO happy they have gotten their new home. I remember Patsy, as I believe she was there the first time I met Laurie and Anthony. It looks like you had a lot of fun. We have a lot of water here, only it is coming from the sky with record high rain this month. Hopefully it is all over by the College World Series! I decided to try this blogging thing, but mine is pretty boring right now! Take care.

Patsy said...

Thanks for posting these nice pictures of my backyard and the pool. I loved having you guys over and hope to see more of you since we know how much Anthony loved the pool and slide. The anytime offer stands........make plans when you see an open day or two. Boy did Anthony wear himself to the bone or what? He looks so asleep in that picture drivng home. Thanks for coming to visit me in my Post Katrina Home!!!!
Ya'll come back now!!!! LOVE, Patsy