Wednesday, May 23, 2007


At Anthony's dental appointment this morning, I learned that Anthony has seven cavities, and one molar that is in bad shape. Three more teeth have "pre-cavity activity" and will need a little help, too.

On Tuesday, May 29th, Anthony will have his cavities filled, a crown placed on the bad molar, and sealant put on all of his teeth.

I'm pretty upset about this, since we try to take good care of Anthony's teeth (OK: I did procrastinate on making another dental appointment...). I do know that Prograf can have an adverse effect on the enamel on your teeth, and that most of the other medicines he's had can, too. Too many antibiotics, steroids, anti-virals, can all eat away at the enamel. So I know this isn't ALL our fault.

Anyway, Anthony will have chloral hydrate as a sedative and will have all of the work done Tuesday morning. Rumors have it that the first hour coming off the sedative are the worst, so I'm anticipating a bad morning.

God help us.


Anonymous said...

Whoever heard of a 3 yr. old having cavities! Of course, these baby teeth will fall out eventually. Good luck, little Anthony. You've had your share of bad luck. It can only get better.

Love, Great Grandma, Betty

~Lacey~ said...

=( It's okay Anthony...I bet mommy has cavities too!