Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This morning as I was getting out of the shower, Anthony said, "Mommy! I got my milk!" I assumed he meant the cup of milk in the fridge left over from dinner last night...that he would have had to climb on something to get. As I was drying off, though, I saw that he did not have that specific cup. Which meant that he had to pour this milk. On his own. By himself. Without adult supervision. Alone. Get it?

I imagined (in the five seconds it took me to get to the kitchen) that there would be an ocean (OK, a lake) of milk in my kitchen. Instead, I saw this, and had Anthony pose.

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Note to self: keep milk out of Anthony's reach. Or, make sure he has a glass of milk already poured that is within his reach.

Second note to self: Good idea keeping that wine bottle out of reach. Good idea. Thank God I'm smart on SOME level.


Emilie said...

"just a few more inches and i can get the wine....reeaaaaach!" JUST KIDDING!

Renee said...

I noticed the high-up wine too! Great thinking!

Laurie said...

OK. So the wine IS up high...but it's lower down than where his "Anthony" cup is on one of the shelves...it's a purple cup...you can see it. SO. What to do???

Also, right NEXT to the wine is the Nesquick chocolate milk I bought for Anthony to have an occasional treat. That's always a good idea!

I wonder if they have locks you can put on a cork...