Thursday, April 26, 2007

Knee Update

I saw my orthopedist earlier this week, and he said that it's time to go in and have a "look-see" and to repair the damage. I am scheduled for surgery on May 8, and will be up and walking by the next day.

This sounds ridiculous, but I'm scared! The only other time I've had surgery was when I was two and had my adenoids removed and tubes put in my ears. Sure, I've given birth, but I wasn't put under anesthesia for it! I think that's the part that frightens me most: not being in control, not being able to remember a part of my life. That scares the hell out of me!

On Monday, Anthony and I will both have blood work. It'll be about time for his every-other-month blood draw, and I'm having pre-op blood work plus a cholesterol screening done. I think Anthony is going to find it incredibly amazing to see Mommy getting her blood drawn, too. I hope Cheri will be as gentle with me as she is with Anthony! :)

I'm taking some finals this week, and some next week, and then I'm done for a MONTH! After that, it's clinical rotations all the way through to graduation in December. I'm ready to be out of the classroom and in the hospital doing. I know that's where I'm going to do my best. I'm OK at the "book learning", but I've always been so much better with hands-on work.

Fun things are happening this weekend! On Saturday, we get to visit with a few of Mark's college friends, one of whom has a baby girl. On Sunday, my mom is cooking a birthday dinner for me (lasagna! pound cake!)...I always love celebrating my birthday with a dinner my mom has cooked.

Have a wonderful day!


Renee said...

That birthday dinner sounds delicious! Hope you have a great weekend, Laurie!

Georgia said...

I had right knee surgery done in Sept 1999 for the same type of problem. My doctor put me out for a few minutes until they opened up the knee and then woke me up so I could watch the procedure on the monitors. I walked out from recovery the same day with a circulating ice water pump on my knee. The most important advice I can give you is to stay off the leg as much as possible until it is healed. Use the ice water pump (if they give you one). Also do your physical theraphy. It will hurt but you will want to get back your full motion so you can run after you sweet little boy!

fairenuff said...

I'll be thinking of you on the 8th, if not every other day! I hope you post about it straight after so we all know that you are ok.
Love and hugs to Anthony from Bethany.