Monday, April 23, 2007

Dear Mimi,

I love the blue and gray socks you gave me for my birthday so much, that I'll wear them with any outfit, and any pair of shoes. In fact, if they are not clean when I want them to be, I cry and tell Mommy that she absolutely should have known that on this day I would want to wear those socks. And when she tells me that they're dirty, I scream, "NO THEY NOT!" Mommy thinks this is endlessly hilarious...that's what it means when her face turns red and she walks out of the room, right? Right?

Luckily for Mommy, my socks were clean this morning when I wanted to wear them, and I did not cry and scream at her. I think this might have been a good thing, because when I decided I wanted to wear these socks, Mommy still hadn't even finished her first cup of coffee. Disaster averted!

Thanks again, Mimi, for these AWESOME socks.

Love, Anthony

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Emilie said...

I had no idea socks could cause such a ruckus!!! Glad he likes them though!

Renee said...

Thay are some mighty fine looking socks!