Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fashion Consultant

Anthony is home today because he's had, well, some "yucky poop" (as we're calling it). I kept him with me yesterday, and Nana has been kind enough to watch him today while I was up at school for a few hours.

This morning when we arrived, Nana was still in her robe and Anthony couldn't understand why she wasn't yet dressed for the day. After I left, Nana washed the breakfast dishes and Anthony was (supposed to be) playing in the den.

Then Anthony walks into the kitchen and tells Nana he laid out her "favorite blue shirt" on her bed and could she please go get dressed? The little rat had gone into her closet, found a blue shirt on a hanger, and took it down for her. Thank goodness he picked a short sleeved, non-turtle-neck shirt or Nana would have died of heat stroke by now!

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