Friday, March 02, 2007

Dear Internet:

I've seen you looking at me and wondering. I know you're thinking that I'm in a depression again. And you're right. I am. The good news is...this is one I saw coming, and took certain measures to keep it from being too bad.

You see, every year, for a week or so before Anthony's anniversary, I get like this. I thought it would eat me alive on the one-year anniversary. I wasn't fully prepared for it last year; I expected it, but didn't realize it had shown up until it was too late. This year, haha! This year, I was ready for the beast. Can't stop it, but I was ready for it.

So if I'm a little quiet, if I don't smile as much, if I snap a little more, it's not because I've gone off the deep end (no, that happened a while back). I'll be better soon. Give me another week, and I'll be fine.

Just be patient with me, and maybe a little understanding. This isn't an easy time for me, and I've got to deal with it my own way and on my own time.

I'll be back. I promise.


Renee said...

Hope you're feeling happier soon. We'll be thinking about you.

moreena said...

Hey Laurie,
You have so much going on in your life right now. Exhaustion can't help, you know.

I certainly know what you're talking about, too, though. So don't feel alone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie: Perhaps you have too much on your plate. It isn't worth it. Your dear husband and son need you. This too shall pass. Love, Gram