Saturday, March 31, 2007


That is how Anthony pronounces "breakfast". It DOES make "breakfast" sound more fun.

So anyway, we had breaksast with the Easter Bunny today at Anthony's school. Anthony just about went through the roof when the Easter Bunny walked into the gym, but he eventually got over his fear enough to let me sit with him and the Bunny for a photo op.

But first, give me captions for the following two pictures. If you read this blog, you must play (puh-lease!):

(To be honest, I have NO IDEA what was going on when Grandpa got this shot):
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EB Photo Op:
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Lately, Anthony has been full of funny sayings. The things he has said today have kept Mark, Nana, Grandpa and I in stitches.

Tonight, when we were leaving Nana and Grandpa's, Nana asked Grandpa to get his camera to take a picture of Anthony. Grandpa said no, and Nana pretended (??) to be upset. Anthony says (so we thought): No sex tonight!

Me and Nana, simultaneously: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

Anthony: No snakes for Nana tonight. She doesn't like snakes.



This afternoon, Anthony had me fill the eggs he collected at this morning's hunt back up with the candy he had gotten. When we were done, I told him that there were no more eggs to fill, and he said: Yeah? So?

Me: Smart aleck (sp?).


(God help us)


Stacy said...

No ideas for the first picture, but on the second one:

"But Mommy, you said to put the biggest egg in my basket."

Renee said...

I'm not feeling my creative juices flowing today, so I'm drawing a blank on the captions, but the pictures are cute. John has the same shirt; aren't those the softest little shirts?