Friday, January 19, 2007

WHERE Does He Get This Stuff?

Seriously? This is a conversation that went on this morning in my bathroom as I was putting on some makeup:

Him (sounding scandalized): Mommy! You can't go out dressed like that!

Me (looking at my workout clothes): Why not?

Him: You need to put some REAL clothes on!

Me: This is what I'm going to go workout in, sweetie.

Him: Oh. (Pause) Can I come?

Me: No, it's only for girls.

Him: Me and Daddy can't go, then.

Since when did my three-year old become a fashion expert? And since when did pink cropped pants and a gray t-shirt become a faux pas? Granted...I WAS wearing my red patterned slippers. Maybe THAT'S what had him so upset. :)


Renee said...

I'm just waiting for those comments to start from John M.!

Anonymous said...

Wants to go to the gym and is interested in fashion. Hmmmmmm....