Friday, January 19, 2007

This Alone Made my Marriage Worth It...

Listening to Mark read Anthony the Cajun Night Before Christmas book. Mark rolls his eyes when I attempt a Cajun accent (I can get it going good sometimes!), so to hear him trip along trying to read the book authentically, well...that just made my entire marriage worth it!

"Mo fas'er and fas'er
De gator dey came
He whistle and holler
An' call dem by name:
'Ha, Gaston!
Ha, Tiboy,
Ha, Pierre an' Alcee!
Gee, Ninette,
Gee, Suzette!
Celeste an' Renee!'"

You have to love a man who will read a book to his child, even when he dislikes the book itself.


Anonymous said...

Laurie: I think that is the cutest thing I have ever heard. Maybe someday Mark will learn the cajun language. He must get educated if he is going to be a member of a cajun family!

Love, Gram

Renee said...

That always gets to me too.