Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Anthony: The Copy Meister; Making the Copies

Email from my mother-in-law:

"Last night daddy and I were wondering how long would it be before Anthony would try to make his own copies...he was watching us very intently this weekend as we made copies from his George coloring book.

Well, he tried and succeeded today!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in the back of the house and heard the copier being opened. When I peeked in on him he was busy making his copies. Instead of telling him NO, I just got the camera. I just couldn't pass up a great photo opportunity!!!!

On his 1st try he touched all the buttons until he hit the copy one...for his 2nd page he went right to the copy button...he wanted a second copy of his 1st page because he had not gotten enough of George in his copy. He thumbed through his book until he found the same color page...he then told me that one page was for me to color with him .....

I took the pictures during his 2nd copy..."

Here are the two first things I see about these pictures:
1. The tray is partially pulled out to catch the paper that comes out of the printer. That tray is usually pushed all the way in, meaning Anthony had to know to pull that tray out.
2. He is at least partially my child. He's so impatient to get that page that he's pulling on it as it comes out of the printer. That? Has ME posted all over it.

God. Help. Us. All.

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