Saturday, August 12, 2006

Guys weekend!!!!

In Laurie's absence I will attempt to post.

Since Laurie is off having a girls weekend vacation, Anthony and I decided to call this weekend a guys weekend.

We started today off by lounging around and eating the living room!! The horror!! We had a tasty course of chocolate Pop Tarts with a showing of Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

(Watching the breakfast entertainment.)

After breakfast, we went where most guys would go on Saturday, Home Depot. I needed some stuff for the backyard anway.

As we were leaving, Anthony decided he was getting hungry. I asked him if he wanted a cheeseburger for lunch. I received a the look of "Did you really ask me that question?" followed by a resounding "Yes".

I ordered my usual order: two double cheeseburgers and a medium fry. (Cheaper than the single double cheeseburger value meal minus the drink.) Now I wasn't expecting him to eat the whole sandwich, but he did eat about 60% of it. And I had to "suffer" by eating the rest of it.

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I am not really surprised with how much he ate. The kid normally would pack away a regular cheeseburger and most, if not all, of a small fry.

Now it is time for Anthony's nap. I have to go unload the car before it starts to rain.

Laurie will be back with her usual blogging tommorrow.

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Renee said...

Hey Mark!
How nice of you to post for Laurie . . with pictures too! Sounds like y'all had a good father/son day.